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Tom Del Beccaro

Del Beccaro for Senate

The FAILURE that is Charles Munger, Jr. & Duf Sundeim and The Video You Must Watch

Attention California Republicans — everything is stake now!

You see, it turns out I am not running against Duf Sundheim on the Republican side.

After all, Duf was a failed Chairman and is a failed candidate:

  • As Chairman, Duf left the CAGOP almost $4 million in debt
  • In Duf’s last two years, Republican voter registration in California dropped a national record 372,000
  • Duf also sold out the party to Arnold and hurt conservatives like Tom McClintock and Tony Strickland by failing to keep his promise to help their campaigns.

Now as a candidate, Duf’s campaign is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and as the video below shows, Duf has nothing to say:


So what Republican am I running against? Charles Munger, Jr. . . .

  • The Republican Party official and financier of the CAGOP establishment
  • Backer of the disgraced Prop 14 top-two primary system
  • The man who has spent millions registering independent voters – all to the detriment of the California Republican Party

Under the last three years of Munger, Republicans have lost over 473,000 in voter registrations — the new American record for losses.

Why have they let that happen? To prop up Prop 14 — the failed top-two Primary system that threatens to have no Republican in the U.S. Senate race — none.

Rather than attack the Democrats, Munger would rather attack me to make sure a conservative doesn’t finish in the top two.

And now Munger has funded a Super PAC against me,¬†¬†built solely to lie about my record. But here’s the truth:

  1. Munger claims I left the party in debt – yet he led an effort to block funding to the party after I refused to be bought by him when I was Chairman – and Munger’s candidate Duf Sundheim left the party well over $3 million in debt. Talk about being phony.
  2. Munger claims I was to blame for lost seats in 2012 – even though it was Munger who hurt funding and Munger who put Prop 32 on the ballot which caused public unions to spend over a $100 million to defeat Republicans that year.
  3. It is largely Munger’s fault Republicans have lost nearly a half a million registered voters in the last three years.

So now it is up to you. Who are you going to choose to represent you?

We MUST ensure conservatives continue to have a strong voice in California and in the Republican Party. Don’t let them silence you!

Please help me win this fight by supporting my campaign with a generous contribution today!


Beccaro for Senate
Tom Del Beccaro