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US History Study Guide
Stories of USA: American Pride, American Patriotism

How WE the PEOPLE Can Reclaim America!

Sites and Books of Interest

For a little left -wing revolt, check out Jon Lovitz and his comments about Barack Obama’s attitude toward the 1%  (cover your ears)



GOVTRAC.US – Watch your elected officials – track their records and see their work!http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/


AGENDA 21 sites:

Glenn Beck book ‘Agenda 21’  http://www.glennbeck.com/agenda21/


Authors and Speakers we admire:

JOEL GILBERT:  www.obamasrealfather.com/

MIKE CUTLER: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/authors/detail/michael-cutler

EVAN SAYET:    http://evansayet.com/

DAVE BEGO:   Devil at My Doorstep     http://devilatmydoorstep.wordpress.com/


Orlean Koehle | COMMON CORE   whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/tag/orleankoehle/


ANDY ANDREWS:   How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

New York Times Best Selling Author

The Secret to Changing America:

  • It’s not a Republican
  • It’s not a Democrat
  • It’s not a third party candidate
Several years ago, Andy Andrews asked himself 3 questions:
  • Where do we begin to find common ground in regard to what we want (or don’t want) for the future of America?
  • Is it possible to write something that doesn’t use the words Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, yet conveys a message with which everyone could agree?
  • Can it be written in a concise fashion allowing anyone to read it, clearly understand the message, and be empowered in less than 15 minutes?
How Do You Kill 11 Million People? is the answer to those 3 questions.
If you’re someone who:

  • Is concerned about our country’s direction
  • Cherishes the qualities that have made our nation so great
  • Needs to have hope for our country restored
…then this book is for you!

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