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Bob Blog

Downfall of the California Republican Party

 The Elise Richmond Show presents “Bob’s Brain “

Part I: The Problem

The leadership of the California Republican Party is killing the California Republican Party. The Republican Party has been historically a “bottom up” political organization. The roots support the party, not the pretty flowers on the top.

In 1999, shortly after Governor Pete Wilson left office, the state had 5,238,000 million registered Republican voters. In February 2013, the end of Tom Del Becarro’s term as chairman of the California Republican Party, the registered Republicans numbered 5,225,000 million.  Our Party lost a total of 13,000 registered Republican voters in 14 years.

In March 2013, Jim Brute was elected chairman of the California Republican Party. In his own words, he said, “I will rebuild the Party from the ground up”.  Brulte was seen as a true political genius and the savior of the California Republican Party. I am not sure why Brulte decided, shortly after he started his reign, to discontinue the California Republican Party Voter Registration Program?   

In Brulte’s first 3 years as the Einstein of the California Republican Party, the total number of registered Republicans voters in California fell to 4,767,000 million, a loss of 458,000 registered Republican voters.                                          (All of these numbers can be fact checked at www.sos.ca.gov)

Our party is dying. Jim Brulte has led our party down a road to destruction. When asked where he stands on bills that increase the power of public unions, he has no answers. He just accepts checks, totaling over $500,000 from SEIU unions. If asked where he stands on bills that raise taxes, all you get is more silence.

There is no leadership, coming from Chairman Brulte or our Vice – Chairwoman Dhillon to grow our party in numbers and in strength “from the ground up” or to grow our voter registration numbers. Do the party leaders know of the declining Republican registered voters? Did you know of this decline in the last 3 years of 458,000 registered California Republican voters?

Brulte and Dhillon are our state party elected leaders. I would hope that they have knowledge of this problem. Where is the plan for Republican ideals to WIN again in California? Don’t you want to WIN again? The lack of Republican leadership is causing the extinction of the Republican Party in California. Republicans want to WIN again.

You get chaos, when there is no team leader and no direction for the state Republican elected officials. With no team leader, the mind set becomes, how do I get the most for me? That is what careerists do. But chaos favors the weak. It is time for us, the little guys, to take advantage of the chaos caused by our cowardly caucus.

Republicans believe in limited taxes and smaller government. Right? If you believe that lower taxes and reduced regulations help in growing the economy, then you are thinking like a Republican. If you think that higher taxes, increased regulation and public employee unions are the answer to the state’s ills, then you are a democrat. What works is obvious. It is the Republican plan of lower taxes and smaller government.

However, just last week the leader of the Republican Senate (Huff) and the leader of the Assembly (Mayes) voted to pass a new tax, because the old tax is expiring. Are these guys Republicans or simply careerists?

The old expiring tax was passed 3 years ago without a single Republican vote.The assembly leader (Mayes) whipped the vote and 10 other Republican assembly members voted like progressive liberal democrats to pass thenew tax increase.

In the last few months, the state Republicans elected officials stood united against new taxes, not once, but twice. On the Democrats’ third try, the Republicans folded like cheap suits. Were the first two votes just a game to play hard to get? Maybe to see how much more the Republican elected officials could get for themselves in return for their vote on a third try at the new taxes?

Do Chairman Brulte and Vice – Chairwoman Dhillon believe it is acceptable for our state Republican elected officials to vote in new taxes and grow government bigger? Was Brulte involved in the negotiations on this new tax increase? Where is the leadership for the Republican ideal of lower taxes? Where are our team leaders?

Soon the California Republican Party leaders are proving to be the doctors for the assisted suicide to end the misery of our feeble opposition Party. Who will stand for lower taxes and smaller government then?

We know that we are sad about our dying Party.  Are you?

Elise Richmond, The Elise Richmond Show, Saying what YOU are thinking!

Bob Richmond, Past Chairman Riverside County Republican Party 08-09

Republican Voter Graph



voting with Union Bosses

The Elise Richmond Show presents “Bob’s Brain “

 Part 2 -The Symptoms

Bob and I wrote a blog last May entitled, “The Unionization of the Republican Party, Part 1 & 2”.  Since then, the Republican state legislators have dramatically increased their pro union voting record. (See graph below.)

Do Chairman Brulte and Vice Chair Dhillon view this pro union voting pattern as good strategy for Republicans and the Republican Party? Is this part of their plan to build a stronger Republican Party? Are they in favor of this pro union voting record? The Elise Richmond Show and Bob’s Brain are not.  Are you?

Have you heard anything from your state leadership about a change in Republican ideals that would explain why unions are now our allies? Is this the path you want your legislators and Ca Republican Party to take? Is being pro union now a good thing?  Are Republicans and our Republican ideals now aligned with unions?

When Assemblyman Chad Mayes was elected leader of the Assembly, he said he believed in the Republican ideals of “limited government, low taxes and empowering individuals”.

Did you know that in 2015 our Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes scored a whopping 71% pro union voting record from the United Domestic Workers Union scorecard?  This same union led the way for a victory passage of the $15 dollar minimum wage for Ca.  We bet that the UDW union bosses are really happy with the leadership of Assemblyman Mayes, who is reaching across the aisle and voting with the Democrat Union.

Assembly Leader Mayes also led the charge by whipping 10 other Republican assembly members to vote “Yes” on a new tax.  Mayes explains that this is a vote that saved us, the taxpayers, $100 Million. The “yes” vote passed a new bill that will tax all MCO healthcare plans. Three years earlier not one Republican legislator voted for this tax. Now we have 13 Republicans voting for this tax. What changed in the last three years to make this tax Pro Republican?

This was a Pro Obamacare vote to help save Obamacare and Medi-Cal in California by throwing more money at it. By the way, if all Republicans had voted “No”, this tax would not have passed. Why? Because the tax increases require a 2/3 majority vote that the Obamacare loving, Democrat unions did not have. When did it change that Republicans now support Obamacare?

I have a question for Republican Leader Chad Mayes. How much would we have saved on taxes, if he would have voted “NO”? We doubt he will answer that question with a monetary amount. We believe that the answer is $1.6 Billion with a “No” vote. You decide what vote, “Yes or No”, would have been beneficial to you? With this vote, did Assemblyman Mayes follow the Republican ideals that he stated, when chosen leader of the Republican Assembly?

In October 2015, the UDW union bosses gave Assemblyman Mayes $4,100 for his 2016 re-election campaign. This was just one month after Mayes was elected leader of the Republican Assembly. Why did the UDW bosses reward Mayes with this generous monetary donation?

Mayes is the only Republican that received such a large donation so far in this election cycle. Will more union rewards go to the other Republicans that voted “YES”?  Wanta bet?

The UDW union bosses gave $127,000 to other Democrat counties, candidates, clubs, and to the Ca Democrat Party in this resent reporting period. What made Republican Assemblyman Mayes so special to receive this money from the UDW union bosses?

 In our opinion, this money influenced Mayes’ vote. Mayes also whipped other Republicans to vote “YES” for this new Obamacare tax. Mayes got $4,100. Taxpayers got a $1.6 Billion tax bill.

Are these the actions of a leader of an opposition Republican Party? Could this be part of the problem?  Is this why our Party is dying in Ca? Are our leaders helping the Republican Party morph into the Democrat party for their own personal gain?

Do we need a new plan of action from our Republican Leaders or do we need to find new Leaders?

Elise Richmond, The Elise Richmond Show, Saying what YOU are thinking!

Bob Richmond, Past Chairman Riverside County Republican Party 08-09


voting with Union Bosses

October 6, 2016 | Bob Blog, Elise Blog | A comment?

Next Time Run from this RINO

I just received an email from a friend, informing me that RINO Senator Emmerson received a D (for democrat) grade in 2012 from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Back in the 2008 63rd Senate race, HJTA endorsed Emmerson over Bogh. Jon, I can feel your pain now that you know what Bogh supporters knew in 2008. We knew that Senator Bill Emmerson was and still is a proven Republican In Name Only.

Ever since 2008, Emmerson’s HJTA rating has been falling like a donkey in an elephant’s suit, rolling down a hill. His rating has gone from 92.8% to a Democrat low of 53.4% in 2012.

In 2013, Emmerson could be the first Republican in world history to receive an F from HTJA, because he has already voted this year to raise the car tax by $2.4 BILLION dollars.

In 2011, Emmerson partnered with move-on.org, code pink, the democrat party, the Sierra Club, La Raza, and George Sorros, when he co-sponsored AB 489. This is the same bill that he had voted against multiple times before. AB 489 would change the way we elect our Presidents. Instead of the Electoral College electing our presidents, our presidents would be chosen by popular vote. That would end the chances of ever having a Republican president ever again, because of how democrats create votes from non-voters, i.e. stuff the ballot box in liberal democrat controlled states.

Why do Emmerson and his friends, the progressive pinko, commie, liberal, democrat left, think that they are smarter than our Founding Fathers?

Emmerson also called my wife, Elise, of The Elise Richmond Show, Conservatively Speaking, of Course, and told her how very unhappy he was with her for telling the Southern Division Republican Women about his co-sponsorship of AB 489 democrat bill in one of their meetings.

He was upset that he had been called a RINO to the Republican women. Elise said, “Well, if the shoe fits, Bill.” Emmerson then said he would never come on her show again. He had been a regular with a guest appearance every month, until then. He has avoided coming on her show, since June of 2011 to explain why he is not a RINO. He has an open invitation anytime. Elise would welcome the opportunity to give him the whole two hour show.

Because of the pressure that was put on Emmerson by the grassroots that on the day of the vote, Emmerson insisted to be taken off the bill as a co-sponsor and he once again voted against AB 489. He had thought he would get away with a yes vote for his liberal friends on this un-American issue, thinking it would go unnoticed. It didn’t. Since that vote, there is no longer an attempt by demos at passing NPV in America. That’s how important this vote was. America won. Emmerson and his pinko commie friends lost.

Elise has been proven right about her “Emmerson is a RINO” remark over and over by his own voting record and that D grade, given to him by the HJTA. The California Republican Assembly has given Emmerson an approval rating of 63%, the lowest of any Republican Legislator in California in 2012.

Call your Republican Senators and tell them to run the other way, when RINO Emmerson comes to talk to them. WHY? Emmerson has proven he will try to get them to vote against the Republican Party’s ideal of smaller government and lower taxes. Tell your Senators to tell Emmerson, when he calls, that they are busy doing their laundry and can’t talk to him.

One such person that should run away from Emmerson is the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association President Chris Mann. Chris was my Treasurer, while I was chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party.

Emmerson has endorsed Chris, who is running for the 42nd Assembly District. I hope that when Chris is made aware of Emmerson, breaking his tax pledge to the voters and his rating by HJTA and CRA Chris will do the right thing by any Republican standard and remove from his website’s endorsement page Senator Emmerson’s name.

As president of the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, Chris should renounce Emmerson’s endorsement of his candidacy. Chris should also remove any other elected official, who has broken their taxpayers pledge to not raise taxes. If he doesn’t, then what does it matter to have the pledge signed by our legislators and candidates?

Contact Chris Mann by email: http://ietaxpayers.com/contact/

Contact Chris Mann by phone at Mann Communications: (951) 849-1442

We need real Republicans to re-build a strong Republican Party in California, not Democrat-lite RINO’s, like Emmerson.

With a Senator like Emmerson, can we re-build the Republican Party?

Bob Richmond

Former Chairman Riverside Republican Party

July 1, 2013 | Bob Blog | A comment?

Help Stop NPV

Thank you, Tom Del Beccaro, for being a true leader of our California Republican Party…. with a winning attitude. 

Senators Strickland, Emmerson and Walters are strongly leaning to vote “yes” for NPV now, when just three years ago, they all three voted “no” for NPV, SB 37.   It would be better for Republicans and Conservatives to have a split of Electoral College votes by Congressional Districts, than to have NPV.  Why are our leaders not pushing again and again and again for Electoral College Split by Congressional Districts?  Why just cave and then vote with the progressive liberal Democrat establishment that really wants NPV?

The NPV is not a very good idea for Conservatives or Republicans because as Assemblyman Jefferies who was a Co-Sponsor of AB 459 and voted NO put it,  

 >Failure in California to require voter
> identification at polling locations has been a growing problem. With
> the NPV in place for California and the nation – the integrity of our
> voting system could be put at further risk as unethical organizations
> carry out local, regional, statewide and national efforts to manipulate
> and undermine our wide-open / no-questions-asked polling locations.

Why are these three Senators standing with the progressive liberal lefties who are responsible for the voter fraud that is happening right now in California? We have all heard the stories of fraud from San Diego and Acorn. The thought of yet more fraud from the Unions and the progressive left here in California with the passing of AB 459 to win the presidency is making me want to PUKE. Conservatives and Republicans don’t cheat at the Ballot Box, so then why make it easier for the Left?

The Senators need to listen to Assemblyman Nestande, Co-Author of this bill, who had the courage to abstain from the vote, Co-Sponsor Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries who voted NO on AB 459 after being contacted by you, Shawn Steele, our RNC Committeeman, and with the Chairman of the California Republican Party, Tom Del Beccaro, the California Federation of Republican Women, the California Republican Assembly, John Fleishman of the Flash Report,  and Elise Richmond of the Elise Richmond Show, Conservatively Speaking, and many, many more that AB 459 will devastate our State and the United States of America.

With what all of us have said, why would Senators Strickland, Emmerson, and Walters want to vote ‘yes’?  I sincerely hope that these Senators will listen to your calls and emails and vote NO on AB 459. Why else did we elect them but listen and vote how we want them to!

 It would be better for Republicans and Conservatives to have a split of Electoral College votes by Congressional Districts, than to have NPV. Why are our leaders not pushing again and again and again for Electoral College Split by Congressional Districts? Ask them to stand for the Electoral College to be split by Congressional Districts to get away from “Winner take all” or NPV…

Please take action NOW!!!  Because of our past actions, Co- sponsors Assemblyman Nestande abstained from voting and Assemblyman Jefferies voted NO for AB 459.

Here are their numbers and their email addresses of the Co-sponsors of AB 459 in the Senate: 

Let them hear our voices loud and clear and thank you for making a difference!  

Senator Tony Strickland
Sacramento, (916) 651-4019
Simi Valley, (805) 306-8886
Santa Barbara, (805) 965-0862


Senator Mimi Walters
Sacramento, (916) 651-4033
Laguna Hills, (949) 457-7333
Fax: (949) 457-7305


Senator Bill Emmerson
Sacramento, (916) 651-4037
Palm Desert, CA 92660; (760) 568-0408
Riverside, CA 92507; (951) 680-6750
Fax: (760) 568-1501

To give you some facts about LA County

2,286,987 demos in LA County 2010                1,049,383 Republicans in LA County 2010

1,455,184    64% votes for Moonbeam                      749,439  71%  votes for Meg

The Republicans turned out votes for Meg compared to Registration better than the demos turned out votes for Moonbeam and did Meg win LA County?

2,226,641 demos in LA County   2008                  1,034,213   Republicans in LA County  2008

2,295,853       votes for Obama                               956,425     votes for McCain  

Do you think Republicans have a chance of winning in LA County or in California with all the fraud?

Thank you so much for all that you do and all together we do make a difference.

Past Chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party

Bob Richmond

May 25, 2011 | Bob Blog, TAKE ACTION | A comment?

Madness For GOP’ers to support liberal attack on the Electoral College

Update May 21: THANK YOU ALL for calling Brian Nestande about this issue! He heard your calls and the co-author of the bill abstained from voting! Your activites and calls had the desired effect! Keep up the good work!

Madness For GOP’ers to support liberal attack on the Electoral College
Written by CA Political News on May 14, 2011, 12:43 AM
It gets very discouraging as a conservative, when not only do we have to fight the enemy of progressive democrat liberalism, but we have to take on our own Assembly leadership, Brain Nestande. Why he would join the out of control Democrats in this State to weaken our US Constitution is beyond me.
Call him to convince him he is on the wrong side of the Bill AB 459 that he co-wrote.
Ask him to vote no on AB 459
The vote is Monday, Act now
Riverside Office
Palm Desert Office
(760) 674-0164
(760) 674-0184 fax
Sacramento Office
916-319-2164 fax
Bob Richmond
Past Chairman Riverside Republican Party

May 14, 2011 | Bob Blog | A comment?

Palm Springs Redevelopment Agency

TAKE ACTION!  CALL THE STATE CONTROLLER’S office and tell them to AUDIT the Palm Springs Redevelopment Agency!   State Controller’s office: 916-445-2636

AND CALL EACH INDIVIDUAL Palm Springs City Council member and TELL THEM to VOTE NO on 5E and 5F!!!  We don’t want to see anyone with their pants on fire! (Liar Liar!)

March 13, 2011 | Bob Blog, News, TAKE ACTION | A comment?