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Brulte’s Choice for President is Hillary Clinton

If California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte had his way, Hillary Clinton would be our president, not Donald Trump.  For years, Chairman Brulte has advocated for electing our president by National Popular Vote, instead of electing our president by the Electoral College.  In the past, there have been four elections, where the president was elected by the Electoral College and did not win the popular vote.  Trump vs Clinton will be the fifth. All of these presidential victories have been Republican victories.

If Chairman Jim Brulte got his way, Republicans would never win another presidential race. Is he preparing for this by decimating Republican registration in California?  Since Brulte has been chairman of the California Republican Party, the number of Republican registered voters in our state has dropped by 300,000 registered Republican voters.

Brulte stopped the state party’s voter registration drive. This has proven to be a giant, devastating mistake by Brulte. The Democrats have added 750,000 more registered voters, since Brulte has been chairman. That is a gain of 1 million more voters in California for any Democrat nominee to win the popular vote for president.

Four years ago, Romney lost to Obama by 3 million votes in California.  How many votes did Trump lose to Hillary, who was actually a much more inferior candidate than Obama?  Answer: 4.2 million votes (in CA). Clinton won the National Popular Vote by 2.5 million votes.  Is Chairman Brulte proud of these results? It’s not hard to connect the dots here, is it?

In 2011, when Brulte was a consultant, he lined up Assemblymen Brian Nestande and Kevin Jeffries and Senators Bill Emerson, Tony Strickland and Mimi Walters to be the Co- Sponsors of the National Popular Vote Bill, AB459, even though they had all voted against the same bill twice.

Once the grassroot effort was started to contact these legislators to change their votes, they all voted against NPV.  This left California, voting on a partisan vote with no Republican support.  The movement fell apart quickly.  It is believed that if the NPV bill had left California with bi-partisan support, it would have been easier to sell NPV to other Republican states.

Please read Jim Brulte’s own words, concerning how wonderful it would be to pick our president by NPV and draw your own conclusions.

FOREWORD By James L. Brulte in NPV book, “Every Vote Equal”


Do you see this as a problem? Are you concerned that our CA Republican Party Chairman is siding with the likes of George Soros, Code Pink, Move on Dot Org, the ACLU, the NAACP, Common Cause, the Sierra Club and every other progressive political entity known to humans?

Quoting from the Communist Party USA book on pages 22-23      e) Abolition of the Electoral College and election of the president by direct popular vote. http://digital.library.pitt.edu/u/ulsmanuscripts/pdf/31735061537415.pdf

Why would Chairman Brulte be on the same side as these organizations, especially the Communist Party? What is he getting to sell out the Republican Party in CA?

The RNC has passed a unanimous resolution to oppose NPV in all 50 states. Why should CA Republicans allow our chairman to work against our National Republican Party?

It is time for Chairman Brulte to not run for a third term for chairman of the CRP or he should repudiate NPV.  Is it prudent for the CA Republican Party to have a chairman with this view on NPV? Remember Bruilte’s view is the same view as the Communist Party USA’s view. And, don’t forget his pitiful voter registration record.

Remember, if Jim Brulte had his political way, we would all be calling Hillary Clinton—President!

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