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US History Study Guide
Stories of USA: American Pride, American Patriotism

How WE the PEOPLE Can Reclaim America!


Contact us to advertise on The Elise Richmond Show!

KNEWS, the Desert’s News Talk Super Station, broadcasts from Palm Springs to our local surrounding areas plus the High Desert, Imperial County, and the Entire Coachella Valley.

You may choose to be a Sponsor for one hour  or you may choose to create your own 60 second commercial- or Both! The cost varies, depending on the services that you pick to advertise your business!

Advertising spots on my show start at $100 per month. That is only $25 per week for a one-minute commercial. You can write and record your own commercial yourself, or I can do a commercial, a testimonial, or a totally creative one, that you can approve before the recording.

I believe that you could reach your target audience, because your potential customers or clients are my audience!

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