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Republican’s that endorsed and then un-endorsed Anti-gun Democrat

Update 2/9/2016

We want to thank all of The Elise Richmond Show listeners, who contacted these Republican elected officials that supported “Ban your Guns” candidate Burke Strunsky for Superior Court Judge. You made a big difference.

On the first day of your effort to urge them to UN-endorse the anti-gun Democrat, Councilman Ben Benoit, Supervisor John Benoit, Supervisor Marion Ashley listened to your message and UN-endorsed Strunsky.

Since then Robert Radi councilman from La Quinta and Mike Wilson councilman of Indio have UN-endorsed.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries UN-endorsed Strunsky, even before we sent out our email.  A mutual friend told Jeffries of Strunsky’ sordid past.

We are 8 for 10, which is a great baseball hitter’s batting average, but we can’t stop, until we are 10 for 10! Time to double our effort to tell the last 4 that this endorsement is still unacceptable.

If the last 2 don’t Un-endorse, we can only come to the conclusion that these 2 Republican elected officials believe in banning guns like Strunsky. Banning guns should be unacceptable to all Republicans.

When Republican elected officials act like liberal Democrats, we must take action and contact them ASAP! These confused Republicans need to act like the 8 smart Republicans and Un-endorse Strunsky immediately.

Thank you so much,

 Thank you to all that contacted and will contact the remaining names on this list. Without your effort I don’t believe this could have happened.



Dear Republicans,


Since we found out that three Republican elected officials endorsed Democrat, “Ban your Guns” candidate, Burke Strunsky, for Riverside Superior Court Judge, seven more elected Republicans have joined in on this fiasco in the last 2 weeks.

We must contact these elected officials ASAP and tell them to UN-endorse this anti- 2nd Amendment candidate for judge or this list might continue to grow and grow.

The Riverside County Republican Party passed a by-law that became effective immediately (January 21, 2016) that states:

If any Republican elected official endorses a Democrat in any race, that Republican elected official cannot receive an endorsement from the Riverside County Republican Party. We applaud the leadership of Chairman Scott Mann.

These Republican elected officials, listed below, endorsed anti-gun Democrat Burke Strunsky for Riverside Superior Court Judge, before January 21, 2016.  Therefore, this new by-law will not affect their endorsement of a Democrat under the newly past by-law.


It is up to us to contact them now and tell them, as individuals, that we are extremely disappointed with them.  It is hard enough in California to defeat Democrats without having to fight Republicans, especially our Republican elected officials, who are helping to elect Democrats with their endorsements.

Contact the list below and ask them to UN-endorse Anti-Second Amendment Democrat Bruke Strunsky for Superior Court Judge.

CA Senator Jeff Stone, running for Congress  senator.stone@sen.ca.gov   760-398-6442                                                                                                                                                               Supervisor John Tavaglione                             district2@rcbos.org               951-955-1020
Supervisor Marion Ashley                                 district5@rcbos.org              951-486-5810 
Supervisor Kevin Jeffries                                  district1@rcbos.org               951-955-1010                                                                                                                                                              Supervisor John Benoit                                     district4@rcbos.org               760-863-8211                                                                                                                                                                    Murrieta Mayor Pro Tem Rick Gibbs                 rgibbs@murrieta.org             951-304-2489                                                                                                                                                                       Indio Council Member Lupe Ramos Watson     lramoswatson@indio.org      760-391-4000                                                                                                                                                                   Indio Council Member Mike Wilson                  wison4indio2010@aol.com    760-391-4000
Wildomar Council Member Ben Benoit           bbenoit@cityofwildomar.org    951-226-5030
La Quinta Council Member Robert Radi            council@la-quinta.org            760-777-7030
These Republicans have clearly made a mistake.  We hope that they don’t believe in banning guns, like their endorsed Democrat candidate, Burke Strunsky, does. They need to do the right thing for all California gun owners and UN-endorse Burke Strunsky.

Congressional candidate, current CA State Senator Jeff Stone has just endorsed Democrat Burke Strunsky.  Why would a Republican Congressional candidate endorse an anti-gun rights Democrat for the any office and then think that we would support him for Congress? This endorsement isn’t logical for a Republican, running for Congress.

Did I also mention Democrat Strunsky donated $4000 to the Stone for Senate campaign? Is that all it takes to buy an endorsement for an anti-gun Democrat?

Do these Riverside Republican elected officials really know who Democrat Bruke Strunsky really is and what he stands for? Strunsky stands for a ban on an individuals’ right to keep and bear Arms, which is the very essence of our 2nd Amendment.

Would you endorse this Democrat or want him as a Superior Court Judge?

Here’s more information:

Burke Strunsky interned for the Clintons in the White Houses from 1993-94.                                                                                                                             Do you think he wants Hillary for President?                                                                                                                                                                          Burke Strunsky help author prop H in San Francisco, a prop that banned guns in San Francisco that passed.                                                                             Burke Strunsky ran for the San Francisco Democrat Central Committee.                                                                                                                                  Burke Strunsky ran for San Francisco Supervisor as a Democrat and his biggest backer was Convicted Felon Gun Runner State Senator Leland Yee.      Does Strunsky have ties to Shrimp Boy, too?

Do we want a Judge here in Riverside County that has Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein’s San Francisco Democrat values?

This endorsement by these Republicans is unacceptable.  It is our responsibility, as Republican leaders, to tell them so. If we ignore these endorsements, we are helping Democrats win.

Respectfully written,


Bob Richmond, Past Chairman Riverside Republican Party


Elise Richmond, The Elise Richmond Show “Conservatively Speaking” and “Saying what YOU are Thinking”. 94.3 FM KNEWS Radio


PS: Please forward to all your friends, who believe in the 2nd Amendment and ask them to take action, too.

This is a link to an article Burke Strunsky authored to ban guns in San Francisco.  “NRA out of San Francisco”

Read this article from http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/11/robert-farago/burke-e-strunsky-blind-to-the-reality-of-armed-self-defense/ by Robert Farago

Listen to Gun Owners of America broadcast by clicking on “Burke Strunsky is Insane”, where Lock and Load host Bill Frady has a segment title, “Burke Strunsky is Insane” .Listen to the first 12 minutes.

Bill Frady will be on the Elise Richmond Show Sunday the February 7th. 9-11 am warning us about democrat Burke Strunsky. You can listen live at www.eliserichmond.com .

Link to article in the NY Times stating Burke interned for Clinton White House. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/20/fashion/weddings/20schumacher.html?_r=1

Link to web page showing key endorsement from Democrat Felon Gun-Runner Leland Yee. http://www.smartvoter.org/2002/11/05/ca/sf/vote/strunsky_b/

Link BurkeStunsky losing effort in election for Democrat Central Committee. http://www.smartvoter.org/2004/03/02/ca/sf/race/18/




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