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Women on the Trump Train

Being a radio talk host on Sunday morning means that on Monday morning, my ritual is to watch the morning news and drink a cup of coffee–or two or three….Monday is my day off!  Lucky me!  And, did I mention that I am a conservative radio talk host?

This morning started out like all others and then I started listening to the TV talking heads. Now I am furious! How many times do I have to hear that suburban, college educated women are not for Trump?

A person would probably not count Palm Springs as a suburb, because it is the flagship of the Coachella Valley here in Southern California, not a suburb. However, we, the college educated women in question, are asking each other, who are these women?  I am asking, because every Coachella Valley, college educated woman that I know is a major Trump supporter.

Are they all Republicans?  No!  But they are all college educated.   We all laugh when we hear and read this, and then ask—-Who are these women, because no one has ever asked us?

Maybe we did not start out supporting Trump.  Maybe Trump has just grown on all of us, as we watched the primary debates. Trump emerged as the guy that was strong enough to say that he will build a wall and stop illegal immigration that is hurting our economy and costing American jobs. He is the guy that will reform immigration law, repeal and replace Obamacare, create jobs, replace bad trade deals, keep us safe domestically and nationally, defeat radical Islamic terrorism, cut the spending, balance the budget, erase the national deficit, reform the tax code, cut taxes, build up and support our military, care for our veterans and Make America Great Again! Oh, did I mention Supreme Court Judges?

Now all of the above is why I am a rabid Trump supporter. And, here is the clincher:  Donald Trump will protect my 2nd Amendment rights!  This is major for me.

Growing up in Southern Illinois, yes, you can call me a red-neck, but remember that I am also a college educated red-neck that has always been around guns all of my life. My Father was a part-owner of a hunting club in the Southern Illinois “bottoms”.  I know that I must be able to protect myself and my gun is my choice. So, add protecting my 2nd Amendment rights to all of the above items.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been bombarded by accusations by many women that Donald Trump has groped them. Is it true or is it lies? Now the most famous left-wing hack of the feminist movement, attorney Gloria Allred, is in the mix.  You now know that you will need a shovel and the spin and the lies have started “big time”, when Gloria appears.

I am also hearing that Evangelicals and Republican women are dropping off of the Trump Train at the speed of light.  Really?  And your choice then is Bill and Hillary? Really? And, you cannot tell your daughters that you have voted for Trump and you cannot have your military be led by Trump. Really?

Believe me, Ladies, your daughters and granddaughters are not as offended as you may think, having been taught by Bill Clinton all about oral sex right on TV in the 90’s. Your daughters and granddaughters know more about sex at age 10, than you ever knew at age 20, so don’t be so naive.

The Clinton, leftist campaign machine wants you to be very offended and they have brought Gloria in to seal the deal.

Do not be fooled, Ladies! Don’t drink the Progressive Media Kool-Ade!  We have a country to save and even though I am not happy with this talk that is just meant to divert the real issues and the truth about who will really “Save America”. Do not waver!

Suburban educated women MUST and WILL VOTE for TRUMP or God help us all!!

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