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Next Time Run from this RINO

I just received an email from a friend, informing me that RINO Senator Emmerson received a D (for democrat) grade in 2012 from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Back in the 2008 63rd Senate race, HJTA endorsed Emmerson over Bogh. Jon, I can feel your pain now that you know what Bogh supporters knew in 2008. We knew that Senator Bill Emmerson was and still is a proven Republican In Name Only.

Ever since 2008, Emmerson’s HJTA rating has been falling like a donkey in an elephant’s suit, rolling down a hill. His rating has gone from 92.8% to a Democrat low of 53.4% in 2012.

In 2013, Emmerson could be the first Republican in world history to receive an F from HTJA, because he has already voted this year to raise the car tax by $2.4 BILLION dollars.

In 2011, Emmerson partnered with move-on.org, code pink, the democrat party, the Sierra Club, La Raza, and George Sorros, when he co-sponsored AB 489. This is the same bill that he had voted against multiple times before. AB 489 would change the way we elect our Presidents. Instead of the Electoral College electing our presidents, our presidents would be chosen by popular vote. That would end the chances of ever having a Republican president ever again, because of how democrats create votes from non-voters, i.e. stuff the ballot box in liberal democrat controlled states.

Why do Emmerson and his friends, the progressive pinko, commie, liberal, democrat left, think that they are smarter than our Founding Fathers?

Emmerson also called my wife, Elise, of The Elise Richmond Show, Conservatively Speaking, of Course, and told her how very unhappy he was with her for telling the Southern Division Republican Women about his co-sponsorship of AB 489 democrat bill in one of their meetings.

He was upset that he had been called a RINO to the Republican women. Elise said, “Well, if the shoe fits, Bill.” Emmerson then said he would never come on her show again. He had been a regular with a guest appearance every month, until then. He has avoided coming on her show, since June of 2011 to explain why he is not a RINO. He has an open invitation anytime. Elise would welcome the opportunity to give him the whole two hour show.

Because of the pressure that was put on Emmerson by the grassroots that on the day of the vote, Emmerson insisted to be taken off the bill as a co-sponsor and he once again voted against AB 489. He had thought he would get away with a yes vote for his liberal friends on this un-American issue, thinking it would go unnoticed. It didn’t. Since that vote, there is no longer an attempt by demos at passing NPV in America. That’s how important this vote was. America won. Emmerson and his pinko commie friends lost.

Elise has been proven right about her “Emmerson is a RINO” remark over and over by his own voting record and that D grade, given to him by the HJTA. The California Republican Assembly has given Emmerson an approval rating of 63%, the lowest of any Republican Legislator in California in 2012.

Call your Republican Senators and tell them to run the other way, when RINO Emmerson comes to talk to them. WHY? Emmerson has proven he will try to get them to vote against the Republican Party’s ideal of smaller government and lower taxes. Tell your Senators to tell Emmerson, when he calls, that they are busy doing their laundry and can’t talk to him.

One such person that should run away from Emmerson is the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association President Chris Mann. Chris was my Treasurer, while I was chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party.

Emmerson has endorsed Chris, who is running for the 42nd Assembly District. I hope that when Chris is made aware of Emmerson, breaking his tax pledge to the voters and his rating by HJTA and CRA Chris will do the right thing by any Republican standard and remove from his website’s endorsement page Senator Emmerson’s name.

As president of the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, Chris should renounce Emmerson’s endorsement of his candidacy. Chris should also remove any other elected official, who has broken their taxpayers pledge to not raise taxes. If he doesn’t, then what does it matter to have the pledge signed by our legislators and candidates?

Contact Chris Mann by email: http://ietaxpayers.com/contact/

Contact Chris Mann by phone at Mann Communications: (951) 849-1442

We need real Republicans to re-build a strong Republican Party in California, not Democrat-lite RINO’s, like Emmerson.

With a Senator like Emmerson, can we re-build the Republican Party?

Bob Richmond

Former Chairman Riverside Republican Party

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