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It is a major frustration and a big waste of time to listen to the leaders of the California GOP, telling us the why’s and the how’s of building and growing the Republican Party. We are told that we need a new message that resonates with minorities and don’t be real Conservatives…..move to the middle. (Why don’t the Democrats ever move to the middle?) We are told that we are losing elections, because we are too this are too that. We are told that we hate this or we hate that. We need to change. Maybe! But, in the opinion of some of us, we need to stand strong on our Republican principles and actually advertise those conservative principles to ALL Registered Voters. If we stand strong, we might be quite surprised at the reaction from all Conservatives.
Last week on 5/29/2013 in the state senate, 4 Republican Senators voted to change the GOP principles and help the party to become even smaller. Senators Emmerson, Walters, Cannella and Huff, the leader of the Senate Republicans, voted to raise their fellow Californians’ taxes by over $2.3 billion. Who is telling these elected Republicans that over taxation by Republicans will grow our party? In fact, it will grow it smaller. Republicans stand for smaller government, less taxes, not bigger government and higher taxes. Isn’t this correct?
It sickens me that we actually have Republican Senators and Assemblymen and women that have signed pledges to not raise taxes and then they do. Last week Jon Coupal of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Jon Fleischman of the Flashreport both wrote opinion pieces, stating that about 12 Republicans were going to vote for higher taxes. Neither of them listed the names of those that they thought might vote for higher taxes. Now that the vote has happened, there is still no mention of the Republicans Legislators that voted YES to higher taxes, therefore, voting against Republican values.
So, now do we all consider Senators Emmerson, Walters, Cannella, and Huff to be useless and untrustworthy in helping us build the Republican Party here in California? Now should they be considered liabilities in our efforts? Or, will we still laud them, tell them that they are wonderful and continue to pile on the honors. When did it become OK to be a herd of Rinos?
How many in the Assembly will vote for this tax increase? Well, it is time to start calling every single Assemblyman or Assemblywoman and tell them to help build our party by voting No to the $2.3 billion in taxes in SB 11 and AB 8.
Start with AD 60 Assemblyman Eric Linder, who didn’t vote in two different committees, Transportation and Appropriations, on two different dates. This type of activity is very suspicious, as to not show how he will vote on the floor.
Assemblyman Linder’s office in Riverside County is 951-371-6860. # in Sacramento is 916-319-2060.
Tell him to vote NO on higher taxes! Tell him to stand up and vote against higher taxes, as Eric has pledged to do in the past.
Then you need to contact your Assemblyman or Assemblywoman and tell them not to go against their Party, the California Republican Party, by raising our taxes. Tell them that we don’t have a tax problem, but they have a spending problem. Tell them to not sell their vote to the democrats for higher taxes on all of us.
Please pass this on to your entire email list and make a difference. No Republican Assemblyperson should ever vote to raise taxes. We can stop them with phone calls and pressure them to be Republicans, not Rinos. The sad fact is that if we don’t hold their feet to the fire to act like Republicans, they will vote like Democrats. WHY? I want to know what they get for their Rino vote and from whom?
I know that it is discouraging with leadership like this in the Senate to be proud to be a Republican. But, by taking action, we can make a difference. Call today, call now and then send this e-mail on to others.
Link to Assemblyman Linder’s pledge not to raise taxes http://www.ericlinder.com/news_details.php?id=13

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