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Is this any way to Build the Republican Party?

Achadjian, Conway, Linder, Nestande
Wilk, Bigalow, Olsen, Waldron, Logue

These are the Republican Assembly Members that voted for a 4.5% pay raise for State Union Workers from SEIU Local 1000 . This is the same union that is fighting against pension reform in the state and the same union that is spending millions of dollars targeting Republicans in close election districts in the Assembly.

In the Assembly, the unions help the Democrats get elected and out- spend the Republicans on the same elections by a margin of 8 to 1.

One of the slickest ways the union does this is by maxing out to all Democrats, running in the Assembly. Then, the Democrat candidates that are in safe districts, which are most of them, max out to a few targeted Democrats that are in close races. This maximizes the union money to a few targeted candidates’ races.

Republican legislators, stop this madness. California is in billions of dollars of debt. UNFUNDED, long term union workers’ pension debt is huge. Republican Legislators don’t try to tell me that California has a balanced budget.
Our economy is struggling and any increase in revenues is short term.

How does this vote by these Republican legislators help build our party?
Why did these legislators vote to help unions have more control over our State?
The Democrats did not need these votes from Republicans. What then did these legislators get in return for their votes?

Maybe we will see at election time. Why do these legislators put their own interests or the interests of the Democrats, before our Republican Party interests?

I have lost all faith in our Republican legislators here in California to do what is right to build our Republican Party. Until the Republican legislators change their voting patterns on fiscal issues, we are lost! Republicans will continue to wonder in the wilderness forever.

Are these legislators afraid of the Unions at election time? Get Real! Democrats do not vote for Republicans.
What happened to this statement: “Republicans stand for lower taxes and smaller government?”

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