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It was Double Miller Time and I don’t drink Beer

It stands to reason and not much does these days that Bob would give me tickets to see the Bill O’Reilly/Dennis Miller Show in LA for Christmas!  Who would I be taking to use the other ticket?  I think he knew in advance. Lol    Bob also found out that Miller was performing solo the night before the LA show at the San Manuel Casino, so off we go to that show, too.

These men are brilliant, yet in different ways, but also share common ground, certainly enough common ground to be on the same stage.  Both are quick on their feet with lots of humor thrown in, especially Miller. Miller has that dry, funny humor. And, oh yes, that humor that says, “I agree with you and am so glad that someone like you agrees with me.

Both men have incredible political insight, savvy and experience, plus common sense. Both men love America.

Miller had the lines and O’Reilly had the stories.  Miller said that Pelosi looks like she is perpetually witnessing the landing of the Hindenburg and sleeps like a bat, upside down.

O’Reilly told candidate by candidate, why each one lost: Bachman, the Elvis birthday date mistake; Perry, not remembering which of the 3 departments to shut down.  O’Reilly added that even his 9 year old was yelling to the TV… EPA, EPA.  We all know what happened to 999 Cain…..true or not…..he was out;  Santorum, hammered for his answers on birth control and more, and Gingrich’s ex, describing their “Open Marriage” on late night TV.

Bill knows Mitt Romney. It’s a Massachusetts thing. Bill even spoke to Ann Romney, asking her to persuade Mitt to come on The Factor on Monday night before the election. This was important, because the hurricane stories had sucked all of the Romney air right out of the political universe.  There was no campaign trail left.  I truly think that Bill O’Reilly’s Factor could have made a giant difference in the outcome.  Bill O’Reilly is still puzzled. So am I.

The big unanswered question here is WHY?  Why not go on The Factor?  This is a no brainer!  Just think of the millions of voters that would be watching.  So many of those voters, we are told, did not make up theoir mind until the last minute.  Who knows?  The Factor could have saved us all.

Another reason to know just how out of touch Romney’s advisors, the ole Republican Party leaders, with the philosophy of “let’s do it like we did it when we got Reagan elected” really were and still are.

Republicans and our conservative message are not wrong, but our leaders sure are. They are not in the 21st Century yet!  I personally am tired of waiting for them to get with it. When Ed Rollins was asked on Fox the morning after the election, “What happened?”, he started his answer with a line that started with “When we got Ronald Reagan re-elected, …….”

What, Ed?  That was in 1984!

Step down Boys!  It’s time!

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