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  The Elise Richmond Show presents “Bob’s Brain “

Part I: The Problem

The leadership of the California Republican Party is killing the California Republican Party. The Republican Party has been historically a “bottom up” political organization. The roots support the party, not the pretty flowers on the top.

In 1999, shortly after Governor Pete Wilson left office, the state had 5,238,000 million registered Republican voters. In February 2013, the end of Tom Del Becarro’s term as chairman of the California Republican Party, the registered Republicans numbered 5,225,000 million.  Our Party lost a total of 13,000 registered Republican voters in 14 years.

In March 2013, Jim Brute was elected chairman of the California Republican Party. In his own words, he said, “I will rebuild the Party from the ground up”.  Brulte was seen as a true political genius and the savior of the California Republican Party. I am not sure why Brulte decided, shortly after he started his reign, to discontinue the California Republican Party Voter Registration Program?   

In Brulte’s first 3 years as the Einstein of the California Republican Party, the total number of registered Republicans voters in California fell to 4,767,000 million, a loss of 458,000 registered Republican voters.                                          (All of these numbers can be fact checked at www.sos.ca.gov)

Our party is dying. Jim Brulte has led our party down a road to destruction. When asked where he stands on bills that increase the power of public unions, he has no answers. He just accepts checks, totaling over $500,000 from SEIU unions. If asked where he stands on bills that raise taxes, all you get is more silence.

There is no leadership, coming from Chairman Brulte or our Vice – Chairwoman Dhillon to grow our party in numbers and in strength “from the ground up” or to grow our voter registration numbers. Do the party leaders know of the declining Republican registered voters? Did you know of this decline in the last 3 years of 458,000 registered California Republican voters?

Brulte and Dhillon are our state party elected leaders. I would hope that they have knowledge of this problem. Where is the plan for Republican ideals to WIN again in California? Don’t you want to WIN again? The lack of Republican leadership is causing the extinction of the Republican Party in California. Republicans want to WIN again.

You get chaos, when there is no team leader and no direction for the state Republican elected officials. With no team leader, the mind set becomes, how do I get the most for me? That is what careerists do. But chaos favors the weak. It is time for us, the little guys, to take advantage of the chaos caused by our cowardly caucus.

Republicans believe in limited taxes and smaller government. Right? If you believe that lower taxes and reduced regulations help in growing the economy, then you are thinking like a Republican. If you think that higher taxes, increased regulation and public employee unions are the answer to the state’s ills, then you are a democrat. What works is obvious. It is the Republican plan of lower taxes and smaller government.

However, just last week the leader of the Republican Senate (Huff) and the leader of the Assembly (Mayes) voted to pass a new tax, because the old tax is expiring. Are these guys Republicans or simply careerists?

The old expiring tax was passed 3 years ago without a single Republican vote.The assembly leader (Mayes) whipped the vote and 10 other Republican assembly members voted like progressive liberal democrats to pass thenew tax increase.

In the last few months, the state Republicans elected officials stood united against new taxes, not once, but twice. On the Democrats’ third try, the Republicans folded like cheap suits. Were the first two votes just a game to play hard to get? Maybe to see how much more the Republican elected officials could get for themselves in return for their vote on a third try at the new taxes?

Do Chairman Brulte and Vice – Chairwoman Dhillon believe it is acceptable for our state Republican elected officials to vote in new taxes and grow government bigger? Was Brulte involved in the negotiations on this new tax increase? Where is the leadership for the Republican ideal of lower taxes? Where are our team leaders?

Soon the California Republican Party leaders are proving to be the doctors for the assisted suicide to end the misery of our feeble opposition Party. Who will stand for lower taxes and smaller government then?

We know that we are sad about our dying Party.  Are you?

Elise Richmond, The Elise Richmond Show, Saying what YOU are thinking!

Bob Richmond, Past Chairman Riverside County Republican Party 08-09



Republican Voter Graph








voting with Union Bosses

The Elise Richmond Show presents “Bob’s Brain “

 Part 2 -The Symptoms

Bob and I wrote a blog last May entitled, “The Unionization of the Republican Party, Part 1 & 2”.  Since then, the Republican state legislators have dramatically increased their pro union voting record. (See graph below.)

Do Chairman Brulte and Vice Chair Dhillon view this pro union voting pattern as good strategy for Republicans and the Republican Party? Is this part of their plan to build a stronger Republican Party? Are they in favor of this pro union voting record? The Elise Richmond Show and Bob’s Brain are not.  Are you?

Have you heard anything from your state leadership about a change in Republican ideals that would explain why unions are now our allies? Is this the path you want your legislators and Ca Republican Party to take? Is being pro union now a good thing?  Are Republicans and our Republican ideals now aligned with unions?

When Assemblyman Chad Mayes was elected leader of the Assembly, he said he believed in the Republican ideals of “limited government, low taxes and empowering individuals”.

Did you know that in 2015 our Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes scored a whopping 71% pro union voting record from the United Domestic Workers Union scorecard?  This same union led the way for a victory passage of the $15 dollar minimum wage for Ca.  We bet that the UDW union bosses are really happy with the leadership of Assemblyman Mayes, who is reaching across the aisle and voting with the Democrat Union.

Assembly Leader Mayes also led the charge by whipping 10 other Republican assembly members to vote “Yes” on a new tax.  Mayes explains that this is a vote that saved us, the taxpayers, $100 Million. The “yes” vote passed a new bill that will tax all MCO healthcare plans. Three years earlier not one Republican legislator voted for this tax. Now we have 13 Republicans voting for this tax. What changed in the last three years to make this tax Pro Republican?

This was a Pro Obamacare vote to help save Obamacare and Medi-Cal in California by throwing more money at it. By the way, if all Republicans had voted “No”, this tax would not have passed. Why? Because the tax increases require a 2/3 majority vote that the Obamacare loving, Democrat unions did not have. When did it change that Republicans now support Obamacare?

I have a question for Republican Leader Chad Mayes. How much would we have saved on taxes, if he would have voted “NO”? We doubt he will answer that question with a monetary amount. We believe that the answer is $1.6 Billion with a “No” vote. You decide what vote, “Yes or No”, would have been beneficial to you? With this vote, did Assemblyman Mayes follow the Republican ideals that he stated, when chosen leader of the Republican Assembly?

In October 2015, the UDW union bosses gave Assemblyman Mayes $4,100 for his 2016 re-election campaign. This was just one month after Mayes was elected leader of the Republican Assembly. Why did the UDW bosses reward Mayes with this generous monetary donation?

Mayes is the only Republican that received such a large donation so far in this election cycle. Will more union rewards go to the other Republicans that voted “YES”?  Wanta bet?

The UDW union bosses gave $127,000 to other Democrat counties, candidates, clubs, and to the Ca Democrat Party in this resent reporting period. What made Republican Assemblyman Mayes so special to receive this money from the UDW union bosses?

 In our opinion, this money influenced Mayes’ vote. Mayes also whipped other Republicans to vote “YES” for this new Obamacare tax. Mayes got $4,100. Taxpayers got a $1.6 Billion tax bill.

Are these the actions of a leader of an opposition Republican Party? Could this be part of the problem?  Is this why our Party is dying in Ca? Are our leaders helping the Republican Party morph into the Democrat party for their own personal gain?

Do we need a new plan of action from our Republican Leaders or do we need to find new Leaders?

Elise Richmond, The Elise Richmond Show, Saying what YOU are thinking!

Bob Richmond, Past Chairman Riverside County Republican Party 08-09






voting with Union Bosses




Update 2/9/2016

We want to thank all of The Elise Richmond Show listeners, who contacted these Republican elected officials that supported “Ban your Guns” candidate Burke Strunsky for Superior Court Judge. You made a big difference.

On the first day of your effort to urge them to UN-endorse the anti-gun Democrat, Councilman Ben Benoit, Supervisor John Benoit, Supervisor Marion Ashley listened to your message and UN-endorsed Strunsky.

Since then Robert Radi councilman from La Quinta and Mike Wilson councilman of Indio have UN-endorsed.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries UN-endorsed Strunsky, even before we sent out our email.  A mutual friend told Jeffries of Strunsky’ sordid past.

We are 8 for 10, which is a great baseball hitter’s batting average, but we can’t stop, until we are 10 for 10! Time to double our effort to tell the last 4 that this endorsement is still unacceptable.

If the last 2 don’t Un-endorse, we can only come to the conclusion that these 2 Republican elected officials believe in banning guns like Strunsky. Banning guns should be unacceptable to all Republicans.

When Republican elected officials act like liberal Democrats, we must take action and contact them ASAP! These confused Republicans need to act like the 8 smart Republicans and Un-endorse Strunsky immediately.

Thank you so much,

 Thank you to all that contacted and will contact the remaining names on this list. Without your effort I don’t believe this could have happened.



Dear Republicans,


Since we found out that three Republican elected officials endorsed Democrat, “Ban your Guns” candidate, Burke Strunsky, for Riverside Superior Court Judge, seven more elected Republicans have joined in on this fiasco in the last 2 weeks.

We must contact these elected officials ASAP and tell them to UN-endorse this anti- 2nd Amendment candidate for judge or this list might continue to grow and grow.

The Riverside County Republican Party passed a by-law that became effective immediately (January 21, 2016) that states:

If any Republican elected official endorses a Democrat in any race, that Republican elected official cannot receive an endorsement from the Riverside County Republican Party. We applaud the leadership of Chairman Scott Mann.

These Republican elected officials, listed below, endorsed anti-gun Democrat Burke Strunsky for Riverside Superior Court Judge, before January 21, 2016.  Therefore, this new by-law will not affect their endorsement of a Democrat under the newly past by-law.


It is up to us to contact them now and tell them, as individuals, that we are extremely disappointed with them.  It is hard enough in California to defeat Democrats without having to fight Republicans, especially our Republican elected officials, who are helping to elect Democrats with their endorsements.

Contact the list below and ask them to UN-endorse Anti-Second Amendment Democrat Bruke Strunsky for Superior Court Judge.

CA Senator Jeff Stone, running for Congress  senator.stone@sen.ca.gov   760-398-6442                                                                                                                                                               Supervisor John Tavaglione                             district2@rcbos.org               951-955-1020
Supervisor Marion Ashley                                 district5@rcbos.org              951-486-5810 
Supervisor Kevin Jeffries                                  district1@rcbos.org               951-955-1010                                                                                                                                                              Supervisor John Benoit                                     district4@rcbos.org               760-863-8211                                                                                                                                                                    Murrieta Mayor Pro Tem Rick Gibbs                 rgibbs@murrieta.org             951-304-2489                                                                                                                                                                       Indio Council Member Lupe Ramos Watson     lramoswatson@indio.org      760-391-4000                                                                                                                                                                   Indio Council Member Mike Wilson                  wison4indio2010@aol.com    760-391-4000
Wildomar Council Member Ben Benoit           bbenoit@cityofwildomar.org    951-226-5030
La Quinta Council Member Robert Radi            council@la-quinta.org            760-777-7030
These Republicans have clearly made a mistake.  We hope that they don’t believe in banning guns, like their endorsed Democrat candidate, Burke Strunsky, does. They need to do the right thing for all California gun owners and UN-endorse Burke Strunsky.

Congressional candidate, current CA State Senator Jeff Stone has just endorsed Democrat Burke Strunsky.  Why would a Republican Congressional candidate endorse an anti-gun rights Democrat for the any office and then think that we would support him for Congress? This endorsement isn’t logical for a Republican, running for Congress.

Did I also mention Democrat Strunsky donated $4000 to the Stone for Senate campaign? Is that all it takes to buy an endorsement for an anti-gun Democrat?

Do these Riverside Republican elected officials really know who Democrat Bruke Strunsky really is and what he stands for? Strunsky stands for a ban on an individuals’ right to keep and bear Arms, which is the very essence of our 2nd Amendment.

Would you endorse this Democrat or want him as a Superior Court Judge?

Here’s more information:

Burke Strunsky interned for the Clintons in the White Houses from 1993-94.                                                                                                                             Do you think he wants Hillary for President?                                                                                                                                                                          Burke Strunsky help author prop H in San Francisco, a prop that banned guns in San Francisco that passed.                                                                             Burke Strunsky ran for the San Francisco Democrat Central Committee.                                                                                                                                  Burke Strunsky ran for San Francisco Supervisor as a Democrat and his biggest backer was Convicted Felon Gun Runner State Senator Leland Yee.      Does Strunsky have ties to Shrimp Boy, too?

Do we want a Judge here in Riverside County that has Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein’s San Francisco Democrat values?

This endorsement by these Republicans is unacceptable.  It is our responsibility, as Republican leaders, to tell them so. If we ignore these endorsements, we are helping Democrats win.

Respectfully written,


Bob Richmond, Past Chairman Riverside Republican Party


Elise Richmond, The Elise Richmond Show “Conservatively Speaking” and “Saying what YOU are Thinking”. 94.3 FM KNEWS Radio


PS: Please forward to all your friends, who believe in the 2nd Amendment and ask them to take action, too.

This is a link to an article Burke Strunsky authored to ban guns in San Francisco.  “NRA out of San Francisco”

Read this article from http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/11/robert-farago/burke-e-strunsky-blind-to-the-reality-of-armed-self-defense/ by Robert Farago

Listen to Gun Owners of America broadcast by clicking on “Burke Strunsky is Insane”, where Lock and Load host Bill Frady has a segment title, “Burke Strunsky is Insane” .Listen to the first 12 minutes.

Bill Frady will be on the Elise Richmond Show Sunday the February 7th. 9-11 am warning us about democrat Burke Strunsky. You can listen live at www.eliserichmond.com .

Link to article in the NY Times stating Burke interned for Clinton White House. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/20/fashion/weddings/20schumacher.html?_r=1

Link to web page showing key endorsement from Democrat Felon Gun-Runner Leland Yee. http://www.smartvoter.org/2002/11/05/ca/sf/vote/strunsky_b/

Link BurkeStunsky losing effort in election for Democrat Central Committee. http://www.smartvoter.org/2004/03/02/ca/sf/race/18/




Connecting the Dots for the Riverside County Republican Party

It starts with Indio Councilman Glenn Miller, being endorsed for State Senate by democrat Cathedral City Councilman Greg Pettis. Pettis then helps Miller get endorsed by a democrat hack organization, called Equality California. Equality California says on its website that it is a non-partisan group. However, this group has only endorsed democrats for office over the last 10 years…..about 600 or so. Republican Miller was endorsed over two democrats in this race and was the first Republican to ever be endorsed in 10 years by this hack democrat group.  Why? What deal was made? Read this blog by democrat blogger Steve Kelly to learn of the Miller – Pettis political team.

Miller lost this race, so Team Miller then endorsed Jeff Stone for Senate and began working both Democrats and Republicans to elect Stone. After Stone won the senate race, Team Miller was rewarded.  Councilman Miller now works for California Senator Stone and so does democrat Councilman Greg Pettis.

In the last election this past November, Team Miller endorsed Democrat Kors for Palm Springs City Council. He did not endorse the Riverside County Republican Party endorsed candidate, David Brown, for the same office. Why did Republican elected official Glenn Miller endorse Democrat Kors for Palm Springs City Council? Did I mention that Democrat Kors is the past Executive Director for the hack democrat organization, Equality California? Dots connected now? I think they are.

Has some of this rubbed off on Senator Stone? I was assured that just because Democrat Pettis was working for Senator Stone, it wouldn’t affect Stone. Democrat Pettis is on the National Board of Directors and State Chapter Council Chair of DMO, Democratic Municipal Officials, and is attending training in DC at the Teamsters offices in March. Is this trip back to DC for Pettis being paid for by Senator Stone? I hope he hasn’t conned the senator into going back to DC the same time as this democrat activity. Or has Democrat Pettis conned Cathedral City to pay for this? This is Pettis’s MO.

State Senator Jeff Stone has just endorsed Democrat Burke Strunsky for Superior Court Judge. Why would a Republican endorse an anti-gun rights Democrat for the California Superior Court? Burke was a White House intern in 1993 and 1994, during the Clinton administration. Burke Strunsky also ran for Democrat Central Committee, while living in San Francisco. When Democrat Burke Strunsky ran for San Francisco Supervisor his biggest supporter was convicted gun runner Democrat Senator Leland Yee. Did I also meation Democrat Strunsky donated $4000 to the Stone for Senate campaign. Supervisors Kevin Jeffries and John Benoit have also endorsed Democrat Strunsky for Superior Court Judge. Do these Riverside Republican elected officials really know who Democrat Bruke Strunsky really is and what he stands for? A Ban on guns to Individuals.  Would you endorse this Democrat or want him as a Superior Court Judge?

Speaking of Supervisor Benoit, last November, he endorsed  Democrat Ginny Foat for Mayor of Palm Springs. Benoit didn’t endorse candidate Bill Gunasti, who was endorsed by the Riverside County Republican Party, for Palm Springs Mayor.  At a candidate forum for Mayor at the American Legion in Palm Springs, I was ashamed to hear from Democrat Ginny Foat that the two most proud endorsements that she had earned were that of Supervisor John Benoit and that of the baby killers from Planned Parenthood. I was not surprised at the endorsement from Planned Parenthood, because Democrat Ginny Foat is also past state chairwoman of the National Organization of Women. I was surprised to hear of Benoit’s endorsement of a Democrat such as Councilwoman Foat. Why the endorsement for a far left progressive like Foat from a Republican elected official? Has Benoit reregistered Democrat?

In August of 2015, Palm Desert City Councilwoman Jan Harnik also endorsed and donated to Democrat Ginny Foat for Mayor Campaign. In the past, Councilwoman Jan Harnik and Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks endorsed and donated to Democrat Scott Hines, running for Rancho Mirage City Council. I have always said Hines was in it for himself and his own self-interest and the only reason he wanted to be elected to office was to run against Congresswoman Mary Bono. When he was up for reelection, all of his council members campaigned against him for the self-interest reasons and Hines lost. Hines was a big factor in helping Democrat Palm Springs Mayor Pougnet run against Congresswoman Mary Bono. Why reward Democrat Hines with an endorsement from these Republican elected officials?

Chuck Washington is a Democrat, running for Riverside County Supervisor. Our past Riverside County Republican Party Chairman Randon Lane, along with Republican Hemet City Councilwoman Shellie Milne,  are running also. Why would Republican elected officials endorse Democrat Washington in this race? Is our past Republican Chairman and a Republican City Councilmember not qualified to be supervisor and a democrat is better qualified? Where does it stop? Is Hillary a better choice for President over any Republican running?

Republican Supervisor John Tavaglione and Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Kenn Young have endorsed Democrat Chuck Washington, running for Supervisor in Riverside County. Also elected Riverside County Republican Party Member Lori Van Arsdale, Hemet Mayor Pro-Tem Bonnie Wright, Hemet Mayor Linda Krupa, Temecula Republicans City Councilmen Mike Naggar,  Jeffrey Comerchero, Matt Rhan. Washington’s biggest supporters include Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 777, LIUNA gave Washington $10,000 in April. That is what we need— a union backed demo as Supervisor.

If you ask a Democrat, they will say that there is no non-partisan office.  Democrats are in it to win it.  They play partisan politics in all elections for Democrats. Why doesn’t the Republican Party take this same approach in local elections?  Some Republicans help Democrats win and then the Democrats laugh at the Republicans and at the Republican Party, as they take office. I, for one, am tired of spending my time and effort to elect Republicans to local office, only to have Republican local elected officials help elect Democrats.  That is just beyond annoying!  Isn’t it hard enough to defeat Democrats without having to fight Republicans at the same time? Republican elected officials help Democrats win for one reason— their own self-interest. When Republican elected officials endorse Democrats for office, are they doing this for the good of the Riverside Republican Party?

Our biggest problem is not Republicans endorsing Democrats at the State Level, it is Republicans endorsing Democrats at the county and city levels. This is where political parties groom the farm team. These local elected officials go on to run for higher office. Babs Boxer was first elected to the Marin County Board of Supervisors.

Local elected Republican officials that endorse Democrats in any local race show no respect to our Riverside County Party. Our most important responsibility is to elect Republicans on the county and city level. Why should we allow this unacceptable behavior?  Republican elected officials are hurting your effort to elect Republicans  locally.  Are we too afraid to confront “our friends” and tell them to stop endorsing Democrats?  The Riverside County Republican Party should not endorse any Republican elected official, when that Republican official chooses to endorse a Democrat for their own self-interest.

Committed Republicans,

Elise Richmond,
Elise Richmond Show, Conservatively Speaking

Bob Richmond,
Past Chairman Riverside County Republican Party


Local Republican elected officials endorse a Democrat to help raise our taxes?

Dear Loyal Republicans,

This post contains the facts on an Democrat incumbent in the 31st Senate District.  This is the same Democrat that many of our Riverside County Republican Elected Officials have endorsed.  Do these Riverside County Republican Elected Officials think this progressive, liberal Democrat is a great choice for all of us, Republicans, to vote for in 2016.


We are tired of Republicans, helping Democrats get a 2/3 majority in our state houses.  Call these Riverside County Republican Elected Officials and ask them if maybe they are all planning on endorsing Hillary Clinton, too.  Are we are all then suppose to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, too.   Who knows?

Do these Republicans not know they are helping all Democrats on the ballot in 2016 to win?  It is hard enough in California for Republicans to win.  Why do we also have to fight Republicans that support Democrats?  Why can’t all Republicans join together and just fight Democrat?

This all really just makes us ill.


Republican vs Democrat in California 31th Senate District
The Democrat union party machine spent over $3.5 Million to get Democrat Roth elected over
Republican Assemblyman Jeff Miller in the 31th Senate District in 2012.

Hear is a list of Report cards to give you an idea what Roth really stands for.
California Republican Assembly Scorecard 2013 D-Roth—–21%
California Republican Assembly Scorecard 2012 R-Dutton–93%
Just think what we could have again, if elected Republicans supported a Republican Candidate.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Scorecard 2014 D-Roth 30.4%
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Scorecard 2013 D-Roth 13.85%
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Scorecard 2012 R-Dutton 92.9%

Just think what we could have again, if elected Republicans supported a Republican Candidate.

Cal Labor Federated Scorecard 2014 D-Roth 86% for big Labor.
Cal Labor Federated Scorecard 2013 D-Roth 65% for big Labor.
Cal Labor Federated Scorecard 2012 R- Dutton 13% for big Labor.
Cal Labor Federated Scorecard 2011 R- Dutton 4% for big Labor

.Just think what we could have again, if elected Republicans supported a Republican Candidate.

United Domestic Workers Union Scorecard 2014 D- Roth 100% for Union Bosses.
United Domestic Workers Union Scorecard 2013 D-Roth 83% for Union Bosses.

California Environmental Score Card 2014 D-Roth 71%
California Environmental Score Card 2013 D-Roth 94%
California Environmental Score Card 2012 R-Dutton 0%                                                                                                                                                California Environmental Score Card 2011 R-Dutton 0%

Sierra Club Scorecard 2015 D-Roth 60%
Sierra Club Scorecard 2014 D-Roth 64%
Sierra Club Scorecard 2013 D-Roth 60%
Sierra Club Scorecard 2012 R-Dutton 15%
Sierra Club Scorecard 2011 R-Dutton 8%
Just think what we could have again, if elected Republicans supported a Republican Candidate.

Why would an elected Republican politician endorse D-Roth for State Senate?
Roth is a progressive, liberal, Obama voting Democrat.

Why not endorse a Republican running against him in the 31th State Senate District race?
Did any of our Republican elected officials endorse Roth against Miller in 2012?                           No, why now?
Democrat Roth has received an endorsement from the following Riverside County Republican
elected officials:
Stan Sniff, Riverside County Sheriff
Michael Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney
Marion Ashley, Riverside County Supervisor
John Benoit, Riverside County Supervisor
John Tavaglione, Riverside County Supervisor
Kenneth Young, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools
Mike Gardner, Riverside City Council
Chris Mac Arthur, Riverside City Council
Joe Tessari, Eastvale City Council
Laura Roughton, Mayor pro Tem, City of Jurupa Valley
Jeffrey Giba, Moreno Valley City Council
Kevin Bash, Norco Mayor
Berwin Hanna, Norco City Council
Robert Schwandt, Alvord Unified School District Board
Virginia Blumenthal, Riverside Community College District President
Janet Green, Riverside Community College District Trustee
Brent Lee, Riverside Unified School District Board
Joseph Kuebler, Eastern Municipal Water Board
Donald Galleano, Western Municipal Water District Board

Is there no longer a Republican Party in Riverside County?
Are these Republicans out to help The California Democrat Party obtain a 2/3 majority in the
California Senate in 2016?
What do they get in return by endorsing the Democrat Party candidate Roth?
What do Republicans get for their endorsement of Roth? A hard slap in the face.

This is unacceptable to all hard working volunteers that work to get Republicans elected to State
office in California. Why try, when we have to fight our own Republicans? These Republicans
definitely have proven they don’t care about our party unity or our conservative ideals. Contact
them and tell them to unendorsed Roth. Or we will remember their action, when it is time to
reelect them.

Elise Richmond,
Elise Richmond Show, Conservatively Speaking

Bob Richmond,
Past Chairman Riverside County Republican Party


Unionization of the Republican GOP Part 1

By Elise Richmond May 20, 2015

Do you believe that public sector unions like the SEIU and the teachers’ union are looking out for the best interest of all the people in California? Are the unions in politics to help conservative ideas move forward in the state of California? Do the union bosses have the best interest of Republicans in mind? Would any Republican answer, “yes”, to any of these questions?

On one day alone in 2014, the unions gave $1.59 million in campaign contributions to the California State Democrat Party. $7 hundred thousand came from the California Teachers Association alone.

I read an article from Jon Fleischman in Breitbart.com, entitled,Big Labor Scorecard reveals slavish Loyalty of California’s Legislators”.

Jon Fleischman’s article begins by saying that a couple of weeks ago a freshman Republican member of the State Assembly said to him, “You were right, this place is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the unions.”

Some additional excerpts from the article are: “The good news (or the bad news) is that if you actually want to see in great detail how much say these unions have in passing or killing legislation, you don’t have to do much in-depth research. Every year, the California Labor Federation actually puts out its own scorecard, listing its top legislative priorities and scoring California’s 120 legislators on how well they towed the union line.” “The scorecard, using a total of 33 different bills that ran the gamut of labor issues, a huge percentage of them are bills that either increase the number of union positions, increase benefits for union members, or require particular types of projects to be reserved for union workers.” “From 2003 to 2012 the California Teachers Association and the Service Employees International Union together spent a stunning $214,022,424 directly on candidates, independent expenditures, or ballot measure campaigns.”

The article ends with, “California: the best legislature big labor money can buy.”

I was excited to look at that score card to see how well our Republicans were fighting the fight for us against the unions. These are the same unions that work to defeat all of my Republican friends at election time and fight against the Republican Party that I want to continue to believe in.

I first looked up my friend, Tim Donnelly, who has been on my radio show many times. I hosted him on live remote with the Heritage Palms Republican Club. Tim went from a lifetime voting record of 6% with the unions to an 8% voting record with the union in 2014. That’s not bad, as I am a more moderate Republican than he is.

When I looked up my husband’s friend, Assemblyman Eric Linder’s score, Bob and I were flabbergasted. Remember that Bob has always supported Eric from the beginning of his political career. Eric’s voting record with the union went from 22% lifetime to 42% in 2014. You can well imagine our surprise and disappointment. Voting with the unions 42% of the time, when you are a Republican is unacceptable.

The next elected to check on was Melissa Melendez. Melissa has been a guest on my radio show. Bob has also always supported her. As chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party, Bob wrote her an endorsement in her first political campaign for city council. Melissa’s lifetime support for union bills was 15%. That was acceptable to Bob and me.

In my lifetime, I have found that I agree with the Democrats maybe between 10 and 15%, as both Bob and I are more moderate than some Republicans. I was a registered Democrat for 24 years, before growing up. In 2014, Melissa’s vote for the union backed bills went up to 27%. This is too high for me, a reformed Democrat.

In fact, after checking the scorecard, all Republican legislators scored higher in 2014 than their lifetime averages. This is all unacceptable to me. Is this unacceptable to you? Republican legislators are being led more by public sector union bosses than led by conservative voters’ ideals.

Remember the ad campaign, Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Do whatever it takes to stop them. The ad was very effective in encouraging people to take action, so their friends didn’t bring harm to themselves and others. The ad empowered friends to take the responsibility to stop their friends from unacceptable behavior, DRIVING DRUNK.

The new Republican ad campaign that Bob and I are starting is: Republicans don’t let Republican legislators vote union, do whatever it takes to stop them. We want to encourage the Conservative Grassroots to tell our Republican legislators to stand up for us against the union bosses that control the state legislature. These are the same bosses that need a 2/3 majority to pass legislation, even if it means the vote of one Republican senator and four Republican assembly members.

Now, I started to look for the reasons that the scores went up. I began connecting the dots that might have caused this voting trend to go up, move to the left and so I checked all Republican legislators’ union votes. Let’s connect those dots now.

Prop 14, “top two” open primary, was passed by the voters and authored by the moderate Republican Senator Abel Maldonado. It was supported financially by money from moderate Republican Governor Schwarzenegger’s Dream Team Pac.

“Conservatives and liberal activists are treated like fodder by this system. Special interests and the wealthy are out spending each other for control of the legislature. At the end of the day those elected, mostly with few exceptions, report to their donors instead of their constituents.” Stated by Stephen Frank Capital News and Views.

Charles Munger Jr. spent $3 million in 2010 registering independent voters, figuring they’d support Prop 14, which enacted California’s “top-two” open primary, according to George Skelton Los ANGELES TIMES

“Prop 14, the initiative to put in place California’s new top-two primary system, was backed by business interests and rich folks, such as Charles Munger Jr.” Joe Matthew

I simply think that the unions try to influence the election with money and endorsements to the most pro-union moderate Republican candidate. Wow! Prop 14 was sold as a law to stop the gridlock between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party for a better California. It has not turned out to be better for California, but rather better for the union control of our state.

Under the leadership of Chairman Jim Brulte, the California Republican Party accepted contributions of $25 thousand from the SEIU and teachers union in 2013. In 2014 a donation from the SEIU sponsored PAC, Caring for Californians, gave $530 thousand to our California Republican Party. Caring for Californians is sponsored by the SEIU, the United Healthcare Workers West & California Association of Hospitals & Health Systems. That same SEIU PAC also gave $1.5 million to the Democrat State Party in 2014.

Red State blog has a great article, describing how the union wants to destroy the California Republican Party. There is another article by Stephen Frank on the SEIU, taking control of the state party. All of these articles were written before anyone knew about the $500 thousand donation, secured by Jim Brulte, the chairman of the state GOP. Before reading this article, how many of you knew this was going on?

Ed Ring from Unionwatch thinks this is wrong. A quote from ED’s article, “Public sector unions own California, and they own California’s Democratic Party. If you accept Brulte’s premises, his logic is unassailable. And union money going to the California Republican party, which in-turn is allocated to Republican candidates in strategic races, is not quite the same as union money going directly to the candidates. Either way, the more money the unions give, the more influence they will have. How can this play out?”

Ed didn’t even know about the $530 thousand that the SEIU gave to Jim Brulte, the leader of the Republican Party in 2014. Did Jim Brulte solicit this donate? He has said that his job, as leader, is to raise money. How did he convince the SEIU to give him the money? What was in it for the union bosses? Or, did the check just show up in the mail one day?

Have any of our state chairmen ever lobbied the unions for money? Would any of the chairmen have accepted this amount of money at a time, whether the party was in debt or not?

Do any of them think this is a good idea for our Republican party?

The SEIU has started a “Republican PAC” to support and influence moderate union friendly Republican candidates and help them get elected to support more union bosses. This PAC is called the Golden California Committee PAC. The committee wants to influence in Top Two Primaries and general elections, when two Republicans are running against each other. The SEIU donated $300 thousand to this Republican PAC. A meeting was held in 2014 to lobby and influence Republican assembly candidates and senators. Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Senator Anthony Canella were present.

The Golden California Committee PAC is a fraud, perpetrated by the SEIU. Not one single penny has ever been donated to any Republican candidate from this PAC, since its inception. However, you can bet that this PAC is still trying to influence and lobby our state legislators.

No Republicans received support from this so called Republican PAC. Unions are acting like Obama, which should be no shock to anyone. They say one thing and do the opposite.

This is what I want you take from this article. When unions donate money, they expect something in return. What do they expect? Votes! It is my opinion that the union bosses are out to influence our Republican leadership and state legislators and to destroy our party.

Republicans don’t let Republican legislators vote UNION! Do whatever it takes to stop them.

“Obviously, at the end of 2013 someone needs to create a voting record (with percentages and ranking) of how Republicans voted on labor issues in the California State Legislature. Then there will be some accountability to the voters.” Kevin Dayton from unionwatch.

Don’t forget Jon Fleishman’s saying, “California: the best legislature big labor money can buy.”



Unionization of the Republican GOP  Part 2

By Elise Richmond May 27, 2015

This article is the second part of an investigation into the unionization of the California Republican Party.     Part 1 detailed the dramatic increase in union political contribution to the state GOP and the resulting increase GOP support for union- backed legislation.  This part expands upon that investigation and explains what you can do to stop this trend.

Unions will save the United States is well worth the 3 minutes to watch this video. It will set the tone why we need to contact Republican legislators who vote for union backed bills. Voting for AB 211 is so wrong.

We want to let everyone know that former Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who had the lowest score (8% voting with the union bosses in 2014), is a champion at holding the line against the union takeover of the Republican Party.  Tim Donnelly will be missed in the Assembly.

AB 211 takes power away from the counties and centralizes the power in the state legislature to make law for the IHSS, In-Home Special Services, including the power of collective bargaining.  AB 211 will give a huge advantage in leverage to the union, when it is time for negotiations between the union and the union-bought legislators.  Just like the quote in Part 1 from a freshman assemblyman to Jon Fleischman, “You were right, this place is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the unions.”

AB 211 is born out of the failed SB 1008, which created a pilot program for eight counties, called California’s Coordinated Care Initiative or CCI. Not one single Republican voted for this failed law in June of 2012.

The ultimate goal of the union bosses is to turn these IHSS workers into STATE employees and that is never a good idea.  This is exactly how the left creates jobs.  Unionize more employees.  The entire goal of Obamacare is to transfer control from the private sector to the state.  How is that working out?

To take power away from the county and centralize it at the state level is never a good idea.  The farther you distance decisions from the provider of the service, the poorer the decision becomes.  It’s called centralized planning and is a method used by the extinct Soviet Union. Remember that Russia was called the UNION of Soviet Socialist Republic.

It has been pointed out that because the state pays more of the cost compared to the counties, the state should control the collective bargaining.  The state pays 33% of the cost, compared to the counties 17%.  The Feds cover the rest.    It is assumed that the cost containment is better regulated in collective bargaining in the legislature than in the 58 county boards of supervisors.

In 2014, ten Republican assembly members voted to the raise wages of the public sector union workers by 4.5%.  How is that for cost containment?

Common Core is another example of centralized planning.  How is that working out?

I prefer the Wisconsin example of de-centralizing power away for the unions. Put the power closer to the service. Wisconsin is a great success for Republican legislators. Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans fought for Republican ideals. This is what all Republican legislators should be fighting for….for us.  I think that some of our Legislators have taken the view:  Why fight it?  Wisconsin will never happen in California.  Instead, let’s partner with the unions, because they have the money. The legislators are destroying democracy in California and getting a little something for it at the same time.

We need to let the legislators know that we elected them to fight for the conservative ideals and not to roll over like a trained dog, waiting for a treat from its master.   I believe the Assembly and Senate Republicans have rolled over on AB 211 and are waiting for their union treat.

If you want the Republican legislators’ masters to be the union bosses, then do nothing. If you want conservative ideals to lead the Republican legislators and give them the direction that they need, then write a postcard, send a letter or phone or email these elected officials, waiting for a treat. After they do the right thing and follow real conservative principles, we will give them the treat that they have earned…..re-election.

We should not let the union bosses retrain our legislators. If you don’t act now, the unions will win the battle.  Can you visualize the Soviet Union at the turn of the 20th century?  What was life like then for the Russian people?  I believe if we don’t start winning some battles and if we keep letting the unions win battles, California will lose the war and not be too different from what you have just visualized.

The unions want control of the state by creating more workers to give them more money to buy more Republicans.  Remember what Jon Fleischman said, “California: the best legislature big labor money can buy.” And, because they already own the Democrat Party lock, stock and barrel.  It’s the same reason they use immigration and push amnesty as an issue.  The unions want amnesty to get more votes to own elections for Democrats and to rule the state of California.

AB 211 is one more vehicle for the Union Bosses to rule the state. It takes collective bargaining from the counties and moves it to the state. The union bosses want to make the IHSS workers state employees and raise their pay to a living wage of $15 an hour. It is now under $10 an hour in many counties.

The first person to contact is Republican Senator Anthony Cannella.

As the only Republican with five Democrat legislators out of 120, who received a 100% from the UDW AFSCME Union scorecard, Senator Cannella also received a 76% rating with the California Labor Federation Union scorecard.

Cannella won his primary race by a landslide—64% to 36%.  Cannella won the general election in another landslide—-61% to 39% against the same Prop 14 Democrat opponent, Shawn K. Bagley.  Democrat Shawn K Bagley only received $2,000 toward his run for senate from one union PAC.  Bagley spent a total of $61,000 in this senate race.   The public sector unions gave Cannella $42,000 to run against Bagley.  Democrat Senator Rubio, who resigned from the senate, gave Cannella $4,100 to run against Bagley.  What is wrong with this picture? What is Cannella doing in return for all of these donations?  Could it be —- Votes?

Cannella received $111,000 from the California Republican Party.  Cannella spent $770,000 to run against Bagley, the Democrat opponent, who spent $61,000. Why did the CRP give $111,000 to Cannella, when money for candidates is always tight?  It makes no sense.  Didn’t Jim Brulte have a poll showing Cannella leading by such a large margin?  Shouldn’t Brulte have known the money would be wasted and not needed in this senate race, because Cannella had raised so much money without the help of the CRP?  How confident are we in our leadership, when they waste this kind of money on a Republican union hack.  Oh, I forgot the CRP received $500,000 from the SEIU to help this type of Republican get elected.

Cannella is a Co-Author of AB 211, the union bosses’ Co-Sponsored bill.  Sponsored by UDW/AFSCME Local 3930, co-sponsors by American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO, California Labor Federation.

Call or fax  Senator Cannella in Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4012 Fax: (916) 651-4912

In Ceres:   2561 3rd St., Suite A Ceres, CA 95307   Office Phone: (209) 581-9827

Fax: (209) 581-9832

Email the Senator at senator.cannella@sen.ca.gov

Tell him his authorship of this Democrat union-backed bill, AB 211, is unacceptable. He needs to vote No, when it comes to AB 211 and remove himself as co-author.

 The second person to contact is my freshman Assemblyman Chad Mayes. He voted YES for AB 211 out of committee to go to the floor of the Assembly.  Chad received about $20,000 from the public sector unions to defeat his Democrat opponent in the general election.  If Chad received only $20,000, it looks like the union bosses scored big.

 When my husband, Bob, read an article in our local newspaper, The Desert Sun, by Jesse Marx, that Assemblyman Chad Mayes had voted against the Republican Caucus by voting for AB 211, he became worried that Chad might lose his position as Whip in the Caucus.  Brian Nestande voted against the Caucus on SB 1500 and in my opinion was made to step down.

 Bob emailed the leader of the caucus, Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, with his concerns about AB 211. This is her response word for word from the e-mail that Bob received from her:

 Dear Bob –

Thanks for contacting me about Assemblyman Mayes’ vote on AB 211. So that you are clear, Mr. Mayes did not vote “against” the caucus; he cast a vote in committee that was different than a staff recommendation. This is something that all of our caucus members do – including me – multiple times every session. This is the way it should be because it is members, not staff, who make policy.

Chad is a strong conservative and one of my strongest allies in the caucus. When issues like this come up, many in the caucus look to Chad for guidance given his experience in local government. And while I cannot speak to the action you cite regarding the former leader, you should know that I encourage independent thought on issues and am thankful that leaders like Chad have the courage to do so.



 Bob emailed her two weeks ago and asked her if Assemblyman Mayes was going to whip other Republicans to vote YES on AB 211. He also asked the Assemblywoman, if she agreed with Assemblyman Mayes on AB 211. She hasn’t got back to Bob. I wonder why?

 We don’t know if the Republican Caucus is against AB 211. I don’t think we will ever know if the Caucus is against or for anything, as long as Assemblywoman Olson is the leader.

 Freshman Assemblyman Chad Mayes Sacramento office (916) 319-2042                                          Rancho Mirage, district office 760-574-4262                                                                            Email Assemblymember.Mayes@assembly.ca.gov                                                                     P.O. Box 942849, Room 4144, Sacramento, CA 94249-0042

Tell Chad that his vote on AB 211 is unacceptable and stop helping  the union bosses destroy the Republican Party and California.

 Add to the list Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen Leader of the Assembly Caucus and ask her to lead by example and not let others make deals on their own with the unions. That is unacceptable as the leader of the Republican Caucus. She should be appalled by Assemblyman Mayes’ vote. If she is not, maybe she would rather be leader of the Democrat Assembly Caucus.

Sacramento office 916-319-2012, 916-319-2112 fax                                                                 3719 Tully Road, Suite #C                                                                                                   Modesto, CA 95356

Email Assemblymember.Olsen@assembly.ca.gov

 We should not allow Republican legislators to act like Democrats.

Just as in the message of the great ad campaign “Don’t let your friends drive drunk, do whatever it takes to stop them”

I say “Don’t let your legislator vote union, do whatever it takes to stop them.

If you missed part 1 of the Unionization of the California Republican Party go to eliserichmond.com to read it.

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